We wouldn't be without it!

North Mill Stoves


Would just like to tell you how happy i am with my Power Sweep System.
No more bad shoulder from pushing and twisting the universals anymore. Dont tell everyone
or they'll all be doing as good a job as i am.

Michael from Sootshifter in Nottingham


just thought I would drop you a line to say thanks for supplying the advanced power sweeping kit and it's brilliant and used it now for the last few months and can't imagine ever sweeping a chimney with those awfull brushes again (they were such hard work and never done my shoulders any good) glad to see the back of them, they should be put in the museum with all the other obsolete sweeping equipment from the past.
The power sweeping system is so quick and efficient it not only sweeps a chimney 20% quicker it cleans up to 33% better so I earn more money and the customer get a much cleaner chimney so repeat business is up as well.
This is a win win situation more customers & more profit, I can’t imagine any sweep that’s thinking into the future not buying this system, only today I had another sweep recommend me to his customer as he could not sweep the heavily tarred chimney, I attended gave the chimney a double sweep with both sizes of frails and left the customer happy, all I can say if they don’t buy it, it will be their loss as they probably wont be in business in 2 years time.
Thanks again Bob for a fantastic system it’s a real winner.

Brian Clarke. SWEEP-EASY


Just like to say a big thank you, I have had the power system for a few weeks now and it has been great. It has saved me so much time in particular using the Sponge blocking system and I feel the quality of sweeping is far superior to using manual rods and brush; it's a lot better on my shoulder and wrist, The second job I did using the power system, had a birds nest in the chimney and the brush head cleared it out in only about 2 to 3 minutes. Once again thank you.

Coventry Chimney Sweep





Hi Rodtech,
Since receiving my kit from you a few weeks ago, I can honestly say that I haven't used my traditional sweeping gear. I'd left it on the van as I had imagined that I would be doing a combination of the two, but I can safely say that I can not find a job for it that the Rodtech gear can't do better.
This week I'v unblocked my first Flexi Liner with the 300mm Super Scrub Brush with ease. In the past this would have been a real battle of wills, blood, sweat & tears.
The high light of the week was my last job on Friday, a stove fitted to an Inglenook with no liner. In the passed this would have been a job I hated, but not today.
I used your sheet and pole method for the opening that I learn't on the course, with the 900mm Super Scrub Brush and 18mm rods. I was able to clean the large throat area of the flue with ease just by changing the rotation of the drill !
After sweeping and installing for 14 years I thought I knew a fair bit about the job, but i just go's to show you never stop learning.
Many thanks Rodtech for great Kit and a fantastic training course.
Stuart Beagles
Beagles Chimneys

Stuart Beagles


The Rodtech Power Sweeping system is the best i've used so far.Guys that are still using the old system i believe are so far out of touch it's scary, well done & all the best for the future. John

John O'Regan Ireland


I have been power sweeping with the rodtech system since introduction onto the market, the system has been refined and developed over a short period, which shows a company commitment to our trade. The system is a great timesaver on various suitable flue types, and moves our skills into the future. No more Bad Shoulder Syndrome Ha Ha...

Sweep-Me Services Chimney Sweeps


Hello Rodtech and all the team. It was great to catech up with Bob and Gina recently and have the opportunity 1st hand to see and handle the latest Button Lok edition rods.
As you at Rodtech are aware, my company has been power sweeping for quite sometime now, and has no reservations at all at recommending your products. Whilst we still incorporate some traditional methods of chimney sweeping into our daily routine, it is fair to say that a very high percentage of our daily work is now carried out purely by the rotary system. The biggest advantage we have noticed is that bird nests are no longer a problem or an issue to deal with.Lined flues and Inglenooks now take 50% less time to sweep than previously. Working that out from an economic point of view is easy to see that the rotary system could very easily pay for itself in a relatively short space of time. With the continued growth and investment in your product and associated products, we are very much looking forward to further investing in your latest technology.We would strongly advise anyone who is thinking about power sweeping, seriously consider investing in this very worthwhile kit.The ongoing and after sales support offered by Rodtech is worthy of investmant alone. Well done to all the team alone

Howards Tarleton Ltd


Hello to all rodtech team.
I'm Nuno, i'm a chimney sweep and I'm writing from Portugal. We've been at the NACS trade show at northampton last april and we met Tony Russell who was so kind by receiving us and introducing us to their technology.
We were amazed with the product and since we couldn't bring it on the airplane back to Portugal, we order it from internet and all the process was so quick and easy that we got even more impressed (yes, Portugal still have a lot to learn from the english!).
Although it was a big investment for a small company, it worth the effort, we are very satisfied with the new equipment.
First time we use it we made the test "before and after", where the "before" was cleaning a fireplace with the old method and the "after" was with the new equipment, it was impressive because after we used the old method, when we used the new system it still get out a lot of dirt!
This brushes reach everything and with the help of the drill it's an enormous difference from the results with the old system.
Also the chain method is really amazing, we've done a few works where seemed impossible to remove the creosote and after the chain the chimney looked brand new! Even our clients get pretty impressed.
We want to give a big thank you to Tony and is team, for all the atention they gave us in England, and back to Portugal, by internet, and for "open our eyes"
to this great equipment that helps us to improve and performe a better work to our clients every day!

Nuno Ribeiro


Sweep0101 Craig Forster
well done on creating what so far seems to be the highest quality best designed rods in the world

Craig Forster


I have been using the power sweeping system for a few weeks now, I initially had issues with my drill not being powerful enough to spin the head in the flue. But this was sorted by using dewalt 18v as you advised.
We did some before and after cctv of a flue and I do have to say the power sweeping was a major triumph...a very good clean indeed, compared to the Tamar spiral brush heads we use, I would say it removes about 20% more surface soot and a fair degree of creosote that normally would not be removed. I found that it saves a major amount of time, mostly in sealing up the hearth, we would normally use either cloth covers or timber 'cut to suit' boards to seal, but the foam blocks are a real quick solution..... i am very happy with the system and it gives my clients a better service and at the end of the day that is what matter most.

brian mcnamee


The Rodtech power sweeping kit works beautifully. It's efficient, time saving and easy to use. It does a great job without harming the flues or liners. Highly recommended.

Lester Thoresson Chinmney Wizard - Gloucester


I have been power sweeping for 3 years now,this method was taught to me by bob russell,before this i done the normal traditonal sweeping,and i found the power sweeping method to be much easier and a more effective way of cleaning chimneys,with the click together rod system and the sweeping heads to fit all chimneys makes it quick and simple,and i can do more sweeps in a day than l could with traditional sweeping,my son also power sweeps and we cant imagine sweeping chimneys any other way now,the difference is vast.

richard lawson,hexham chimney sweeps


Direct Extract from NACS AGM

Not only do we have a power napping and power walking we now have power sweeping!

I am sure you will all now be aware of the recent improvements in the field of power sweeping and many of you will already be incorporating into your daily work.
Some sweeps and chimney lining manufactures had reservations about the use of the power sweeping system in flue liners, in case they caused damage or invalidated warranties. So, a couple of months ago, Martin and I were invited, along with other Sweeps including Rod Cooper and his employee to visit Specflue in Suffolk with the purpose of checking this out. Specflue and flue manufacturers watched a demonstration of the Rodtech power sweep system to see if it caused damage to the flue. A twin walled solid fuel liner, with several bends and some existing damage was power swept and afterwards inspected closely with CCTV. All parties involved were satisfied that no damage was caused to the flue.
In a meeting following the testing we were given assurance by Spec Flue and the flue manufacturers that they would be happy to endorse the Rodtech system for use in solid fuel twin walled liners.

This is obviously very good news to those of us who are benefitting from this new addition to our tools of the trade.

Bob Leonard Chairman of NACS


I am delighted to be able to report on my introduction to Power Sweeping by Bob Russell of Rodtech who are based in Norfolk.
Having spent a day with Bob whilst he was undergoing his Assessment to the NACS I was able to see firsthand the RODTECH system of power sweeping flues.

The equipment comprises of uniquely designed rod ferrules i.e. push button with two different size brush heads which are powered by a cordless power tool.
The system is simple to use and this method really is efficient in removing soot and debris from most types of flues.
The brushes rotate in a similar fashion to a garden strimmer, and with the extra pressure applied to a flue interior it really does remove the soot deposit far easier than manually pushing up conventional rods and brushes.
More debris was removed from the chimneys cleaned using the power sweeping method than by using manual sweeping methods.

The amazing factor to Power Sweeping is that there was no damage or adverse effect on flue linings even stainless steel flexible liners.
I was invited to try Power Sweeping by Bob and was so impressed with the results that I decided to purchase a RODTECH kit .
For more information please see the following web site http://www.rodtech.co.uk

The service provided by RODTECH was excellent and with Bobs vast experience of the chimney industry I have no hesitation in recommending this product.



I enjoy power sweeping it's a great product



When we first saw the advertising for the Power Sweeping system, we thought '...you cannot sweep chimneys with that!' and threw away the advert.
We then saw the system in action at the NACS Trade Show in April and were very impressed, to the point that we bought a set. It is amazing what it can do; it reaches the chimneys that the old rods cannot reach, cleans inside cowls, is superb for removing heavy tar from chimneys, is excellent on old chimney and lined flues. Don't know how we managed without it, the only down side is that we now sweep the chimney in less time than it takes for the customer to boil the kettle for our tea! A superb piece of kit.
Croyde Chimney Sweepers.

Keith and Jennifer


I purchased my rodtech set in the summer of 2011 and they had more than paid for them selves by the autumn of 2011. as a contractor too my local housing authority, i can sweep as many on average, 6 sweeps a day, 5 days a week all summer. the rodtech system meant that i could get as many 12 a day without working hard but still achieving a very high standard of workmanship, higher than most sweeps using ordinary brush and rod systems.

kws woodburners, mid devon


I saw the Rodtech power sweeping equipment demonstrated at the 2011 Nacs trade show and a few months later purchased it to use in my chimney sweeping business,
I really dont know how we managed without it, hard flues are so much easier now and I am using for most of my work. Ordering replacement brushes etc is easy and quick. I fully recommend it.

Stephen Morris Master Chimney Sweep Ltd


With reference to the spinning rods, all my men think they are good to use and like everything new they do have to use them more often. The main feedback is they are great for stainlesss steel liners, they get the creosote and tar off alot easier than rods and with less pressure on the structure of the liner, the same with pot liners. Also, they spin round inside capped bird nets and clear off the soot off the mesh saving the need to go on the roof. Also the 4inch Aga which goes into a normal chimney with no soot access door, the spinning rods will increase to the size of the chimney.

They do feel that with chimney's that straddle the ridge with two bends in them, they can't feel the bends the same as they do with ordinary rods, but at this moment we only have one set of spinning rods between five chimney sweeps. I feel if they used them more often they would get the feel of them. Also, it there were any other problems, we do find that in large gathers, you have to be sure you're in the chimney or the rods bend over and come back on you, but once in, the lads think they are great and find they are alot easier on their wrist and arms.

We have had more good reports than any bad ones.

Vic Crompton


where to begin on power sweeping. Am sweeping chimneys nearly 5 years, taught i knew everything about chimney sweeping and tools. I became an member of the chimney sweeps of Ireland, it,s there i got the real know how and been professional on chimney sweeping. Its there I received your web site and tools. In Ireland at present people are installing more stoves than ever before. If I didn't invest in power sweeping I be out of business. Manual sweeping could't get to them tight elbows etc. And not only has power sweeping saved my job, it,s more cleaner, removes a lot more soot and creasote, my work has doubled investing in power sweeping, also I don,t have to climb as often and as much, power sweeping can be done from inside. Less insurance and you don,t need a helper as often, power sweeping is a winner from the beginning you purchase. Also you can power sweep chimneys at any hour in the evening, been its work is inside now, and Bob is always on the phone if needing help or advice. That's a bigger plus, having someone for advice and help.

Paul Brown



Did the course with you a couple of months ago and have been using the kit ever since. Absolutely incredible. Every time I get a new customer, we go through an almost identical process. Severe scepticism at the prospect of their chimney being swept with a drill, and not like the last sweep did for the last twenty years. This is followed by slow transition to being impressed as they see the gear in action, and finally followed by utter surprise when you remove 4 or 5 buckets of shit. "Auld Jock only ever got half a bucket out of there son."

The sponges do a great job, the wee inflatable bag is a god-send, the camera has earned me its value in the last month alone and the word of mouth sales I am generating purely through the quality of the kit are phenomenal.

I don't ever take the time to tell people I'm happy with a product, but I'll make an exception for one that's earning me good money every day.

Paul Brownlie