• Model: IRL-L4
  • Manufactured by: Rodtech UK

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Rodtech Inspection Camera Kit

CCTV inspection system

These cameras can only be purchased subject to approval/training.

This kit comes with 2 separate HD colour cameras and a HD mini DVR monitor.
Camera 1: This is a wireless inspection camera.
Camera 2: This is a wired inspection camera.
HD DVR Video monitor: 5-inch HD Portable Wireless Mini DVR

This Kit comes with two cameras and the portable HD mini DVR viewing screen, for live feed. It will allow the operator the chance to view where mirrors will not work, and record to a standard fit for insurance work.
Due to the design of these cameras, you should use caution to ensure that the protective glass covering of the lens is not broken.
You will need a micro SD card if you wish to record Video the unit takes a card upto 32GB and can record upto 32 hours of video.

The Wireless camera makes a superb tool for inspecting through flues and stoves to check the job you are about to undertake, and further to check the job you have done is to the highest standard. The Wireless camera also replaces the need for mirrors, as it is more directional and the camera comes with its own light source. It comes with 6 super bright LEDs. With the lights on it will last up to 2 hours, before re-charging. Mains and cigarette charge provided. The lights on this camera can be turned off and on subject to your requirements via a switch on the camera base. The wireless camera will not suffer interference up to 4 meters when in a flue, but can still be used to visually inspect and record or take pictures of the work undertaken, thus making sure that a bird nest is removed etc.

The wired camera has 15 meters of cable (which can be extended) and does come with all plugs and leads required. It has 8 Super bright LEDs and is designed for inspections where quality is essential. This camera is perfect for CCTV analysis of flues for insurance work etc. It has the ability for the lights to be turned off and on via a light sensor on the cable, so that you can look for any light leaks within a flue.

Both cameras will give you the chance to view places where a mirror won't reach, like an open fire with back boiler.

The 5-inch HD Portable Wireless Mini DVR, connects to the wireless camera automatically and you are able to see live feed of what is in a flue. The screen will allow the operator to take individual snap shots of any problems as well as full CCTV inspection. The device has hours of working time before the need to re-charge. The device records onto micro SD card and will allow up to a 32GB card to record onto, but each GB will allow you up to an hours recording.


  • Elegant style: Mini size portable DVR with 5-inch High resolution Screen.
  • Working time: High capacity 3200mAh rechargeable Li-battery provides super long working time.
  • Receive function: Alternative input function, allows you to work with wireless or wired cameras.
  • Wireless Channels: Alternative signal mode, 5.8 Ghz. or 2.4 Ghz
  • Motion Detect: Supports intelligent motion detect video recording;
  • Record loop: It supports loop recording, real seamless continuous record, which can automatically overwrite when storage is full; it will not miss any detail.
  • Strong antenna: Folding hidden external antenna assures excellent wireless receiving;
  • Photo function: it can take, review and store pictures;
  • AV IN: Supports AV IN function: receiving signal from wired cameras; 2.5mm jack.
  • Storage: Supports storage up to 32 GB micro SD card, which records up to 32 hours;
  • Power-saving mode: automatic shutdown, automatic off-screen;
  • Supports multi-language;
  • Mounting bracket: Equipped with full set of mounting brackets, it can be hand-held, stand desktop, hanging on the wall, placed inside the car, different occasions.
  • High compatibility: It supports any device that can read an SD card.

All the cables and UK power leads required are supplied. You will only need to purchase a Micro SD card to your required specification and you may wish to purchase the Rodtech Click camera holder to connect these cameras to the Rodtech Click system for chimney inspections. You can use a 12v USB car charger for the equipment should you require.

  • Model: IRL-L4
  • Manufactured by: Rodtech UK

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