• Model: IRL-B5-1
  • Manufactured by: Rodtech UK

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Rodtech Click Bird Nest Remover

This product comes with warnings and guidance on its safe use. You must read the manual before using this product and for a better understanding of what you can and cannot do with this equipment, as its misuse can cause damage.


The strands on the bird nest remover are made of stainless steel, and have had the tips welded for safety and longer use of the product.  This product should remove a bird nest with ease. However if a stubborn nest is found and there is no other method of removing the debris the propeller can be attached to snap the twigs. The birds nest remover (without propeller) is also useful in the removal of tar deposits particularly in clay liners and unlined flues.

Because the strands are made of stainless steel they can unwind and will be sharp! Handle with caution as these can cut and leave metal splinters if handled without care!

Attaching the 4 inch propeller

When attaching the 4 inch propeller please make sure that it is attached between the nut and the slip washer provided.

Once you have used the propeller attachment please ensure you remove this piece until it is required again. NEVER leave the propeller attached when not using this item for its specific purpose. The use of the propeller is as a last resort and should never be used in a first instance.

YOU MUST exercise extreme CAUTION when using the propeller attachment

The propeller has been designed so that it MUST be used with the slip washer provided! This washer provides a safety measure, so that should the propeller meet with an obstruction that it cannot snap, the propeller will cease to rotate, avoiding snapping your rods, and possibly causing injury to the user.

Our Rodtech Click products come with a 12 month replacement Warrantee. The warrantee covers all Non-wearable parts and joints on our Rodtech Click range. It does NOT cover misuse of equipment or when the equipment is used with the tile breakers It does not cover parts that will wear with use, such as head inserts (Nylons, Chain and Wire etc) You must read the manual for guidance. In the unlikely event you will ever need to use this warrantee, you will be required to return the product to Rodtech or a Rodtech Agent before a replacement part is supplied (subject to being used in accordance with our user manual). Our products are covered by :- Patent Pending: GB1222283.2 -PCT/GB2012/053091 and Patent Pending EP12165514.6

The Rodtech Click range offers high quality products designed for power sweeping, manual sweeping (hand sweeping), drain cleaning and duct cleaning via an adapter standard chimney cleaning brushes, drain cleaning ends and duct cleaning brushes can be fitted to the click system meaning that there is no twisting the rods together and them getting locked which makes the sweeping process much quicker. The rods are solid and the ends are crimped to the rods making the best quality available.



"Just finished at this manor house which dates to the 15C. I quoted it blind as it was a distance away. 11 fireplaces, 10 nests ranging from 15m down to 7m and one full of old coal soot. It transpires the fires havent been looked at for about 50 years. Thank god for the rodtec kit, thats all I can say, cant imagine fishing away with a small brush and a nest hook. Thats not all of it, they got a skip in after I filled up the space in the garden for the compost heap. Those Jackdaws had put some seriously big sticks down the holes as well."

  • Model: IRL-B5-1
  • Manufactured by: Rodtech UK

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